Using TrainerDay Workouts in Other Platforms

There are many ways you can use TrainerDay workouts and plans in other platforms. For free you can download files and many platforms like Zwift allow putting them in a folder on your computer or uploading them.

It’s much better to use our paid version 🙂 And use our calendar sync or “send to” option.

See below. Clicking send to allows you to send it to the platform of your choice.


If you use the free or paid version of TrainingPeaks then you can send workouts there that get distributed to all the other major platforms like Rouvy, Zwift, MyWhoosh, you name it.

Our Calendar Sync Feature sync’s to TrainingPeaks, IntervalsICU or Garmin every time you make a change to your calendar or each day in the case of TrainingPeaks. We only sync today, for free TrainingPeaks accounts and 2 weeks for all the other platforms.

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