My Calendar

4-sources you can get your plan from in our training app.

My Calendar is the default option if nothing else is selected and will show a few days of workouts in our training app.


Describing the four options — Enabling one option will disable the others. The calendar is the default plan.

#1 — My Calendar WOD. This provides a simple calendar for managing your workouts in our training app. Soon it will also synchronize the following week to Garmin, TrainingPeaks and after that Google Calendar. That means you can manage your plan in TrainerDay and have the rest update automatically. We call this WOD (workout of the day) because it works similar to the TrainingPeaks and IntervalsICU inside our training app that you see yesterday and 4 days forward in the app.

#2 — My Plans. If you don’t want to follow a strict plan but prefer to just follow a sequence of workouts which gives you more flexibility without needing to strictly train on specific days or as issues arise, you can just show up tomorrow and your next workout is ready. With this option you see all your workouts in our training app on the plans tab.

#3 & #4 — TrainingPeaks and IntervalsICU. These both will pull your calendar from either of these platforms. The both offer a more metrics focused approach to calendar management.

Sending a plan to your calendar

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Just like our other calendar options you can send a plan to your calendar, or even specific weeks if you want to mix and match. You need to

  • First — create a plan in my plans using our community plans or Coach Jack plans.
  • Then go to my plans, click on the plan to get the details and send the plan to “My Calendar.”

Editing “My Calendar”

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