How to use TrainerDay or Coach Jack on your phone outdoors

Check it out!!! The CheckMyRide low cost outdoor training app allows you to use your TrainerDay calendar and Coach Jack outdoors. See your TrainerDay calendar and workout in their app. See below some screenshots.

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Just like TrainerDay, Rogier at CheckMyRide really listens to his customers. If you want to train outdoors using your phone, I think you will be very happy with the CheckMyRide app.

Set up is very easy.

Inside the CheckMyRide app you

  • Go to settings -> integrated sites
  • Enable TrainerDay from the list
  • Login with TrainerDay credentials
  • Goto Calendar and synchronizing is started

When you want to do a manual synchronizing click in the calendar the top right refresh button.

It requires paid memberships to both apps but both are “dirt cheap.” 🙂 Here is a link to their website.

Here is a link to the iOS APP

Here is a link to to the Android App

Additionally, you can always use our “Indoor App” Outdoors

We also have outdoor mode in our app which records GPS, giving you the most critical outdoor features but you might find CheckMyRide is a better outdoor experience. If you do want to use your calendar in our app outdoors you surely can. See below how to do that. As well as how to “Ride outdoors”

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