ErgDb is Growing Up — Welcome TrainerDay (2019)

ERGdb’s has been rebranded to TrainerDay

For the many people we have talked to, don’t worry, it’s still the same Alex and team. We just have a shinny new name.

We still love what ERGdb stands for. Open Source sharing of something we all care about so much. The daily grind 🙂

ERG makes sense as a name for ERG based workouts. Now that we are growing up and adding Open Source Training Plans, as well as other new many other new features on the way, a more appropriate name is in order. We are considering TrainerDay as the brand and ERGdb as the workout library. You could say ERGdb is a product of TrainerDay.

We are very excited about our up coming features. ERGdb and Open Source Training Plans will remain free forever. We are planning on adding some features that will help continue to fund the growth of ERGdb and the rest of the platform. We hope these new features help with your training as much as we think they can.

Your current login name and password remain the same.

All communications will start coming from TrainerDay.

Thanks from the ERGdb / TrainerDay team.

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