Enable SwimErg or RowErg in TrainerDay

2022/2023 are the year of multi-sport for TrainerDay. We have added Vasa SwimErg and RowErg to TrainerDay. This means swim and row workouts can be created and searched.

On our website go to profile settings

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Enable Other Sports. If you are a single sport athlete, selecting only one will simplify your TrainerDay experirence.


Once you do that you will now have a filter available when you search.

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After clicking the search icon you will see swim workouts in this example, then I suggest you add them to your calendar or you can create a new list for simple access in our app.

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Then you can find them in your lists.

Pro Tip: If you want that list quickly available in our training app you can make an training app shortcut. See below.

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Out Training App currently does not filter workouts by sport. You must organize your workouts in a way that you understand which are swim and which are other sports. Naming the list helps.

Good luck. Try it out now go to https://app.trainerday.com/

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