Adding Workouts to our Mobile App

TrainerDay allows you to build up a workout library and plan library that you can store forever for free. Using those workouts in our app, or automatic or 1-click distrobution is a paid feature. You can always download them for free.

In the paid version of our app we have a more advanced workout search

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As well as full management of workout lists as well as selecting training plans for current use in our app.

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Our list manager is powerful and lets you decide what is quick to access in our training app. I will add a video soon here to show how that is done.

Mobile App Search

You also can search all 30k+ workouts in our mobile app clicking on the search icon below. First it will show you any matching workouts from your library followed by public TrainerDay workouts.

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In the app or the website, once you click on a workout you can do “Add to List”


Making easy access to any workouts you like.

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