TrainerDay + Wahoo Elemnt

You can manually load files and learn how below. We suggest you using our integration with TrainingPeaks.

This works with both a free and paid TrainingPeaks account. You can use our calendar and turn on auto-sync (paid) or push files manually each day for free.

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Transferring files manually on a mac

Although Wahoo does not officially support manually loading workouts on your Elemnt, this works fine.

Step 1 — On a Mac you must install Android File Transfer App

This is for a Mac. Download it and install it.

Make sure it is open, but it will give a warning or error message. Just say OK. The next step will fix it.

Windows 10 — Watch Video Below

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2. Connect USB in mode for File Transfer App

You must hold the down button (on the right side) while inserting USB cable. After this step the window will open for the app showing your folders on your Elemnt. If not just go to the File transfer app, it should look like the screen on the next step on the left.

3. Download and Transfer Workout

Download workouts from ERGdb (we have 3000+ open source workouts) in MRC format and then just drag them into your plans folder.


4. Sync your Plans folder and view your workout

See the image, here but generally, you just sync or restart your element and go to “Planned Workouts” in your element and you will see your workout(s). You get to planned workouts by clicking left side button and you will see it there.

* If you previously connected to Training Peaks you need to go to your phone and unlink Training Peaks for this to work.

5. Deleting Workouts

Below Murray from Wahoo says you can just delete the workouts from the Elemnt without a problem now. I have not tested this.

Previous information below…
So there has been a lot of discussion around deleting workouts. It appears that Dale Rider found a solution. You must create an empty text file and name it the same file name as in your plans folder (endurance60.plan as an example). So example_name.plan would be a workout. Then just drag and drop that file into your plans folder and overwrite the existing file. I am using Mac’s Text Edit app in this example. I personally have not tested this solution but others say it works.


A Note From Wahoo Support

The ELEMNT is not currently designed to support external workouts being manually added to the device, there is not a good way to delete the workouts. Some have been able to delete by connecting the device to a computer and removing, but this is not foolproof. We do sincerely apologize. As we add this support to the device in the future, it should allow for expanded capabilities.

Thank you,

Wahoo Support (I left the persons name out)

Windows 10 Video

This is a video showing both adding a workout and deleting a workout from a Wahoo Elemnt using Windows 10 on a PC.

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