The Ultimate Training Plans for Zwift

Zwift, the popular indoor cycling platform, excites many cyclists for because of it’s way to train and compete in the convience of your own home. One of the key elements to successful training on Zwift is the training plan. Among the many training plans available, many riders are finding success by taking a more polarized approach to training plans. Containing both high-intensity and and a lot of low-intensity during your workouts.

Taking a polarized approach to Zwift can provide the best results and are very health focused

The Principle of Polarized Training

Polarized training is a concept that has gained momentum in the world of cycling and endurance sports. It is rooted in the idea that focusing on two distinct training zones, high-intensity and low-intensity, can lead to more significant gains in performance and fitness. This means spending most of your training time at either very low intensity (zone 1) or very high intensity (zone 3) while minimizing time spent in the moderate-intensity zone (zone 2).

TrainerDay has a plan builder with very polarized plans. They are designed by Coach Andrea Morelli that has coached some of the best cyclists in the world. They don’t follow Dr Seiler’s suggested way to train but they are very time and results proven and do contain a lot of easy and hard and follow the same nature as Dr Seiler suggests.

Many cyclists including 4.3 w/kg and higher have followed Coach Jack plans with great success.

Successful Cyclists using the TrainerDay plan builder

Here is another

TrainerDay makes it easy and affordable

You can download an entire plan and load it into your Zwift folder on your PC or Mac. Here is a 40 second video how to do that

If you want even more flexibility and to make it super easy to edit your plan when you want. Use TrainerDay + TrainingPeaks (free version is fine) and you can sync calendars from TrainerDay to TrainingPeaks which will show your workout of the day (WOD) in Zwift each day. You can see a quick video on how to do that here.

The best part is TrainerDay is $3.99 a month and when you just feel like a quick workout you can use our all and get started on your workout in as little as 6-seconds.

This is an older video but it’s still just as fast or even faster now 🙂

Thanks so much and if you have not checked out TrainerDay workout selection. Take a quick look.

TrainerDay has some very unique plans. Because the recommendations are less intensity than other platforms, both elite as well as aging athletes prefer this. You can “turn up the volume” if you want, but we are sure it is not necessary to achieve great results. Every detail of a Coach Jack Plan builder plan is customizable. Weekly hours, daily hours, which days, intensity, you name it.

One of our favorite training blocks is the build phase with the “Serious Italian.”

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This plan contains SFR (Salite, Forza, Resistenza in Italian). Which is a 35–45 RPM strength endurance workout sequence.

All of these plans work on very clear progressive overload which each weeks workout a little more time or intensity than the week before. So nothing should feel overwhelming. Please give it a try.

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