I am time-crunched. Our new Training App (2020).

Hello, this is Alex.
Let me tell you a story. Like many of you, I have a very busy schedule. I have a great wife and six-year-old twin boys that I spend a lot of time with. I have a part-time technology job. I also have my passion and our future, which is TrainerDay. With all that. Oh, and I try to squeeze in some training too.


All Cyclists have Disposable Income
Also, there is a myth that cyclists all have a lot of disposable income. Yes, we spend more on cycling than most sane people, but most of us still have budget constraints and want to get the best value for our purchases. People in less affluent countries frequently have even more constraints. TrainerDay is here to help. We want to always offer a top quality, very efficient training tools at a reasonable cost. Anyway, back to the story.

If I get 30–45 minutes to train that is a good day.

Outdoors for 2-hours is incredible, but rare. At this point in life, I can’t be serious about training. When the kids get a little older, I plan to be. For now, I am just a time-crunched dad that likes to help other cyclists reach their goals.

Again, like many of you, I have tried or used most of the indoor training platforms out there. I would say I like almost all of them, but two of my favorites ended up being TrainerRoad and Zwift. Usually when I train it is like oh, I have 45-minutes until I have to do something and that includes a quick shower… I don’t follow a plan and waiting for Zwift to update or start just takes too long. I prefer self-coached and ride based on how I feel. Feel great. Great sleep. Train harder. Not so great. Take it easy, do a low-hr session.

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Personally, I have a hard time justifying paying the high prices for TrainerRoad or Zwift when I am not following one of TrainerRoad’s plans and only using Zwift occasionally in the nicer weather months. I just don’t feel like I am getting the full value.

So each month I have to think. It’s wonderful weather. Should I pause my TR and/or Zwift subscription? Oh, I am going on vacation for 2-weeks and can’t get on the trainer… The list goes on. It frustrates me to have to think like this. I would rather make one decision a year for a do it myself platform and even if I don’t use it much some months that’s ok.

When I know I have time to spend on the trainer and the weather is bad, sure I will re-activate Zwift, Rouvy, Road Grand Tours or whatever. But on those days where I just want to do a 25-minute HIIT session, I still want something much faster, simpler and quicker than Zwift. TrainerDay is perfect for this.

I have tried using a Garmin Edge and a Wahoo Roam for indoor training. Between transferring workouts and the interface for training, these are not the best experience for indoors. They are great for outdoors but for indoors sub-par.

Now with the TD training app. I can hop on my trainer and start my warmup in 10-seconds. Then while warming up I can look for the workout I will do or I can even create it and inject it into my current session without having to throw away that start to the warmup. It looks better in Strava to have 25 minutes than 20 🙂


Your Story

Endurance fitness has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. It’s my passion. I have met a lot of amazing people on this journey. Each person has their own story. TrainerDay is a team of five now. I hope TrainerDay and our new training app can help improve your training. We want to keep our products simple, but ask us for whatever additions you feel are important.

Thanks ~Alex and the TrainerDay team.

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