Free Ride and Open-Ended Intervals (Garmin/Zwift)

Garmin Open Ended Intervals

Open-ended intervals means it will just keep going until you hit the lap button on your Garmin unit. If you add fr or free-ride to the interval type in our editor you will get Open-Ended workouts on your Garmin device. You must still include an amount of time for this. Generally I would put a time similar to what you think you might do.

You can push to Garmin or push to TrainingPeaks and this open-ended feature will work. One secret trick is if you put 60% in the target FTP% then it will actually show a target of 40–100% on your Garmin meaning it really is a free ride.


Zwift — Free Ride

Although Free-Ride and open ended are different concepts, I would argue the training focus might be similar. Meaning it’s a bit unstructured. This is why we are calling them the same thing. Type “fr” or “free-ride” in the type box. So a free-ride section on Zwift means that it goes into resistance or slope mode so you must change your gears to set the appropriate power. The only way to use this feature is in the ZWO file download. TrainingPeaks does not support this for example.

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