Creating Cycling Training Plans

The fastest Training Plan Creator — VIDEO PART #1

This is the beginning of Open Source Training Plans. We have a lot of features planned. Watch the video below to see the full feature list. Our features are related to sharing plans not so much about personal workout scheduling. For creating schedules we suggest using these plans in TrainingPeaks or Google Calendar. We will provide instructions on how to do this soon.

The basics of creating your first training plan are simple.

  • Create a Workout library (search add to favorites)
  • Go to My Plans
  • Click — Create a Plan
  • Select the number of weeks and days
  • Drag workouts from your workout library
  • Make it public
  • Go to Plan Search to see how others will see it

After you watch the video below, we suggest you watch Part #1.

Watch Part #1 Video — How to use our plans

3- Minute Plan Creation Video

This goes through all of the basics of creating a cycling training plan

Hold ALT-KEY and drag

This will create a duplicate of your workout. You might first want to edit the text that is specific for this day and then those changes will be cloned also.

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