Convertible Training Plans

Many people believe a plan is something sacred, and “they” designed it for you to follow it exactly. Virtually all coaches and experts would agree, plans should be adapted for you.

When cloning or copying a plan in TrainerDay, you can select the days you want to train.


It won’t take long, take control, make some adjustments. You should adapt these generic training plans to you. Make some simple adjustments.

Great coach and author Joe Friel illustrates the need to adapt plans in his book Fast After 50. Joe suggests that an aging athlete might want to adapt a plan designed for 7-days a week, to a 9-day a week pattern to provide more recovery time.

Do you have a life and a job other than cycling? In most cases, 3 or 4 hard days a week allows for adequate recovery for most non-pros. If recovery rides provide recovery for you, then you can add some Z1 rides on your days off. Many plans on our site have a lot of hard days. You can cone one of those plans, selecting 3 or 4 days a week, and then add in some recovery rides manually. Should only take a few minutes.

Recovery rides should be Zone 1. Such as this.


If you are not good at doing recovery rides, you might need to ease your way into it. You can try something like this, but for many people this would not provide 100% recovery.

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How it works

You can create your own plans and clone them or take an existing plan and copy it to your plans. During this clone/copy process, you can set the days you want to train on. You can change the actual days, or you can change the number of days per seek or both.

Conversion below. Just select the days you want


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