A Cyclist and his Coach

In the beginning of TrainerDay it was called ERGdb, a free, simple cycling workout sharing platform. When I was creating blog posts there was “a kid” commenting on these posts. I liked this kid “Samoramobile,” and thought I could help him on his cycling journey.

Between Samoramobile’s excitement and username I was sure he must be a young kid from Asia. As our relationship continued, I found out he did not need my cycling guidance. He was a retired pro-racer from Portugal 😀. Talk about being wrong. 🙈

Last year Samoramobile’s son Pedro started cycling a lot more, and this year he started racing. I want to congratulate Coach Joã (Samoramobile) and Pedro. If Pedro did not get a flat tire he in a key race he would have qualified for “The Worlds.”

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Joã has been a strong supporter of TrainerDay and he let me know he exclusively used Coach Jack’s training plans to help his son achieve this level of success.

Pedro’s 2022 Summary:

1° Place Elite/M São Mamede Mediofondo

2° Place Elite/M Mediofondo Médio Tejo

8° Place Elite/M Gerês

9° Place Elite/M Mediofondo Serra da Estrela

40° Place Elite/M UCI World Series Mediofondo Coimbra Region (bad look with a flat tyre)

2023 The future only God knows…

Here is exactly what Joa sent


Congratulations once again to both Coach Joã and his son Pedro. I am sure it is all Coach Jack and has nothing to do with good genetics or his dads coaching (joking).

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